growing tomatoes

Old gardeners will scorn me for this, but hey I just want to eat these tomatoes not develop a whole green thumb thing from this, from another view, I'm going to rub these with the finest olive oils and sea salts, mix them with freshly grown basil and dust with aged balsamic and savor every mouthful, just not slap it between two slices of white bread with a 1/4 inch of butter on it.
  • Buy plants from nursery.

  • Reuse or buy bigger pots.

  • Buy bag of potting mix, ask the guy at the shop what ones the best, ask for some tomato plant food as well.

  • Buy sticks or find some for staking the plant.

Tip your potting mix in to something you can mix it around in, a wheel barrow is good, add some of the tomato plant food you brought and mix it all round,.

Then fill your new pots 3/4 full. Make a well in the center, gently remove the tomato plants you brought from their pots, make a well in the center of the big pots using your hand and lower the tomato plant into this. Pick off any leaves that are touching the soil, press the plant down firmly and pack more potting soil around it, when you have finished give the plant a good watering and place in a sunny position. Water every 3 days for two weeks. next stage of growing tomatoes in pots.

grow tomatoes

Growing Tomatoes