growing tomatoes

Growing tomatoes in pots

This is my first attempt at growing tomatoes in containers, I have put the tomato plants in pots long the sun facing part of my house, you could just as easy put them on a balcony or on a windowsill, I bought plants from a local plant nursery and opted for four varieties of tomatoes, roma, cherry, beefsteak tomato and an Australian tomato called " Burkes Back Yard "  ( which is the name of an gardening television show ), and is a form of the Rouge de Marmande.

I did not opt too grow the tomatoes from seed, there are so many places you can buy quality, fungal free tomato plants at now, they supply a number of different tomato varieties that are hard to propagate from seeds, buying ready plants will help ensure your success and get you closer to the most important part which is the eating of your fruit.

My tomato plants The tomatoes came potted in small seedling pots, they need to be replanted into larger pots so the tomatoes have room to grow bigger.

One month later I have been watering the tomatoes about every three days, however as small fruit is now beginning to appear I have started watering the tomatoes daily. I have been removing some of the larger lateral leaves as well.

8 Weeks Tomato Plants Daily watering continues, the tomatoes are now well formed and each variety has taken on its unique shape, companion growing has been introduced with the addition of basil plants.

12 weeks yes we have tomatoes The tomatoes have continued to get bigger though have no signs of ripening yet. Some of the basil was attacked by snails and they have been asked to leave.

grow tomatoes

Growing Tomatoes