growing tomatoes

Tomatoes have now formed and are getting bigger day by day, I have been watering early in the morning and in the evening, removing runners as the branches get over loaded, The beefsteak tomato has developed a huge fruit at the bottom of the plant, I can't wait to get this ripened and sliced on my plate! Every second day I have been adding a commercial tomato food to the water.

All the tomatoes have fruit now, the Roma tomatoes have even taken on their oblong shape, and the beefsteak are already 4x the size of the others.

Companion growing: Tomato and Basil.

Now my tomatoes are growing at a steady rate I have decided to plant a friend with them, and for tomatoes that is basil. The basil plants were grown from seed which was as easy as sprinkling some seeds on leftover potting mix and giving them some water daily, two weeks later I have small plants which I have put in with the tomatoes. The basil has been placed on either side of the pots in pairs

grow tomatoes

Growing Tomatoes