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AUSTIN (KXAN) — A chilly start to the day with morning temps in the 30s/40s. Unlike earlier this week, our visibility looks near-perfect this morning with no fog concerns for your Thursday commute.

Today’s big weather focus will be a cold front moving through Central Texas. This front is pretty lackluster in that we don’t expect any rain nor significant drop in temps with its passing. However, it will pack a punch in regards to wind. Sustained winds will reach 15-25 mph with gusts up to 35 mph this afternoon – be sure to tie down and secure any loose objects/trashcans/patio furniture, etc. before leaving the house this morning.

The next few nights will be chilly, but freezing temperatures look to be out of the forecast the next 7 days for the Austin metro. (The Hill Country and valley locations may see a light freeze or two.)

The second front looks to move through early Sunday. This one, too, looks mainly dry with only a minor temperature cool down in its wake.

Keep an eye out for some changes coming in by Tuesday of next week. We’re tracking what is looking like a turn to wetter weather with our next storm. Stay tuned for updates!


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